Friday, 27 January 2012

I love Mumbai & I hate Mumbai - Project -Smell of Mumbai

love Mumbai & I hate Mumbai

Send your entry for Project -Smell of Mumbai

  • Sub: I love Mumbai & I hate Mumbai

    1) 15 artists will be selected.
    2) Artist could be from any part of the world.
    3) Please make sure to send only 3 to 5 works of any size (Installation, write-up, abstract, Digital, Drawing, Artwork, Photography or more ...)
    4) Send your entry by email only to:
    5) There will be total 3 shows on Mumbai streets will be held in different months. ( time 11 am to 5pm)

    Project -Smell of Mumbai 

    ( Note: Artist should send a very short CV including information of the last 2 years of their works. Write a short note on his/ her views on art and the reason why he/she wants to participate in this show, in English, Hindi or Marathi language)

    Dates of Exhibition:
    *) Dharavi, 18 March 2012
    *) Dhobi Ghat, Mahalaxmi 18 April 2012
    *) Grant Road, Red Light area 18 May 2012

    Last show will be held in Gallery. Date will be declared after 18 May 2012

    Last date to send the entries is 15 FEB 2012.

    * Note :
    * This project is will be financed by the artists themselves. So your co-operation in this regard is much expected. 
    * Since this project is run by artists' fund, the above mentioned dates may change for any valid reasons and prior information will be given to respective artists.

    call : 9820510599
    Smell of Mumbai